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Assumption of costs for radiosurgery

In Germany, most of the insurance companies (statutory health insurance and private health insurance) cover the costs of the robot guided radiosurgery.

Recently, a few foreign insurance companies have done the same. This means, that especially for benign tumours (acoustic neuromas, meningiomas) we’re able to write you a request for your insurance company after reviewing your documents (history, current imaging, ear test, eye test).

For the costs, we’re using the German schedule of fees from the Association of Private Health Insurances. To the treatment costs, we add the costs for all necessary diagnostic examinations.

We can only conduct a precise evaluation of your medical history when we have all important documents for it like: medical history, letters from your doctors, operation reports, tissue examinations, histology, imaging (CT, MRT, PET) and medical reports.

The medical reports should be available in either German, English or Arabic.

If you want to send us your medical reports in a different language, please have them professionally translated into either of the three languages above before you do so.


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