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The CyberKnife®-system

The perfect combination of robotics and high precision radiotherapy

The CyberKnife® system consists of a compact linear accelerator which is installed on a robotic arm. The arm, controlled by a software, moves around the patient without touching them.

What makes the CyberKnife® so unique, is that it uses a combination of a precise imaging system and a robot guided linear accelerator. The movements of patient and tumour are registered in real-time and the irradiation angle is corrected immediately.

During the procedure, the patient is laying comfortably on their back on the treatment table. Radiation from various directions are precisely targeting the tumour. The radiation is safe for the healthy tissue. Since the rays are crossing themselves in the tumour, the high radiation dose necessary to destroy the tumour cells is concentrated.
The CyberKnife® treatment can be an alternative or addition to surgery (e.g. if a tumour wasn’t removed completely).

The CyberKnife® convinces by its exceptional precision, which minimizes the irradiation of healthy tissue and organs.

„The CyberKnife® system gives us radio oncologists an instrument, with which we’re now able to precisely hit tumours beyond the brain to a millimetre accuracy. The combination of over a hundred singular rays from various directions allows us to limit the radiation field to only the tumour. In addition, the imaging system of the CyberKnife®, allows us to monitor each movement of the tumour in real-time."

Prof. Dr. Martin Bleif
Specialist for radiotherapy