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What happens during the CyberKnife® treatment?

Because of the interdisciplinary structure of the RadioChirurgicum, we’re able to answer all of your questions regarding the treatment options during the first meeting. If radiosurgery is the best option for you, we’ll explain the chances, risks and the procedure detailed and comprehensive. The consultation is followed by the treatment planning.

Before the treatment each patient has to have a special CT-examination, so we’re able to plan the treatment in regards to the individual body and the exact location and form of the tumour. The examination takes place in the RadioChirurgicum itself. All other necessary imaging data (MRT, PET, etc) are combined with the CT-data afterwards.

By integrating various imaging processes, we’re able to depict the tumour clearly and differentiate it from healthy tissue. Using this imaging data, the doctors and physicists calculate the treatment plan.

The computer calculates the optimal radiation distribution, which hits the tumour with an efficient dose, from 1.800 possible angles. For treatment in the head or neck region, special plastic masks are customized ensure a precise treatment and an exact reproducibility of the positioning.

As soon as the plan is finished, the CyberKnife® treatments begin. Since the radiation is focused precisely on the tumour during radiosurgery, healthy tissue and organs outside of the treated area are almost not affected by the treatment. Your general performance is not getting worse during the treatment.

In the treatment room, you’re first positioned comfortably on the treatment table. Afterwards, the computer-controlled robot of the CyberKnife® system moves around you carefully, without touching you, to hit the tumour with radiation.

At the same time the CyberKnife® system continuously takes x-rays which give real-time information on your body’s position and the tumour. This makes it possible for the system to adjust itself constantly. Therefore, the high precision irradiation of the tumour is ensured. Depending on the kind and position of the tumour, you can assume that one to five sessions, taking 30 to 90 minutes, are needed.

After three to six months you come to us with current images of the irradiated area for aftercare. You’ll already get an appointment by the end of your treatment.

Notwithstanding the above, the RadioChirurgicum team is of course always available for questions. If you’re experiencing acute problems, you can always come in on short notice. Alternately, you can contact your general practitioner at home and we assist them with your further treatment and follow up.

 „Radiosurgery, for me as a neurosurgeon, is a valuable alternative and / or addition for the surgical treatment of brain and spine tumours. The CyberKnife makes it possible for me – with my experience as a neurosurgeon and my experience with radiosurgery – to offer the best therapy option for the individual patient. Choosing to be treated is a matter of trust.“

Prof Dr. Dr. Günther C. Feigl
Specialist for neurosurgery