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Tumour indications with the CyberKnife®

Indication overview

The CyberKnife® treatment is generally used for diseases where the (remaining) tumour is a locally limited problem.

The CyberKnife® can generally be used when a tumour is locally limited or at least a significant clinical problem.

It can be considered if a surgical removal is not possible or not wanted by the patient.

It can also offer a treatment alternative for patients who aren’t eligible for surgery due to particular risks (location of tumour or individual situation). In certain cases, the CyberKnife® can be the last resort for patients (relapse after normal radiotherapy).

The CyberKnife® radiosurgery can also be used to close vascular malformations in the brain with danger of haemorrhage (angiomas / arteriovenous malformations) and for treating major pain syndromes like trigeminal neuralgia (face pain).