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Our Team

Prof. Dr. Martin Bleif

Radiochirugicum / CyberKnife® Südwest / Clinic for radiooncology and medical centre for radiotherapy in the Alb Fils Kliniken Göppingen

Prof. Dr. Martin Bleif has over 10 years of experience in radiosurgery as the deputy director of the university hospital Tübingen which makes him a specialist in the field of radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

He established various new techniques for cranial radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy. These techniques are aimed to optimize the treatment for brain tumours and brain metastases and the abilities for stereotactic body radiosurgery of primary lung tumours and metastases in lung and liver.

Prof. Dr. Bleif is author of various medical textbooks and numerous scientific publications in internationally acclaimed journals, many of them dealing with theoretical and practical issues of radiosurgery. He is co-founder and clinical director of the RadioChirurgicum.

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